Seedlings! An Update

At this point, the only pot that doesn’t have baby plants in it is the asparagus.

So! Photos:

The two tan pots have lettuce in them – I’m going to try growing it inside this year so it doesn’t bolt so easily.

The leggy one is brussels sprouts, and I’m not sure what I can do about them tipping over. The celeriac above is a new one this year, and I’m stoked! On the top left is one of the kohlrabi pots.

Believe it or not, the rosemary on the top left has two wee sprouts. The mint on the bottom right has two even smaller sprouts.

The grass looking one on the bottom left is salsify which is new, so I’m excited about it.

The asparagus on the top right is doing a fat lot of nothing. The grassy plants are my onion/chives/leeks that I tossed in the same pot. I ran out of pots so… here’s to hoping.

Tomato on the bottom right, and the other pots are all different types of basil.

Tomatoes on the right, kohlrabi on the left.

More tomatoes on the right and basil on the left.

Another basil on the right and a different pot of lettuce.

They’re so green! I’m hoping I won’t kill them off before it becomes time to plant… and that I don’t kill them by transplanting them!

I do have a hardening off tent that I’ll be assembling and trying out this year.

Fingers crossed!