So I Might Have Discovered DuoLingo

You’re looking at this thinking, ‘Renee, DuoLingo has been out for FOREVER, how did you miss it?’

Here’s the thing.

I didn’t miss it.

I tried it out with great excitement when it first started and was singularly unimpressed. I dropped it as ‘no good’ and moved on.

But websites aren’t static.

And just because a course is set up one way, one day, doesn’t mean it can’t be set up another on another day.

I forget what prompted me looking today, but I tried it out again. I signed up for Japanese, and I’m hooked.

Happy bell noises?

Cheering trumpets?

Fast paced lessons that are short and easy to squeeze into whatever time?

Check to all of those!

Soooo, yeah.

Take a look! It’s fun!

2 thoughts on “So I Might Have Discovered DuoLingo

  1. I tried Duolingo after you talked about it and I’m trying German and Finnish. Lots of fun so far.

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