That Prolonged Squeeing Sound You Hear?

Yeah, that’s me.

For my first book I’m publishing, I had an artist named Ina Wong do the illustration, and she did some amazing work.

You can find her Instagram here, and she has my cover up. Here’s a screen capture of her page showing my work. It’s all amazing, so you should definitely go check it out.

She even included my (old) blurb.

I desperately wanted her to do the artwork for book 2, and I sent her an email, but there was no response.

I was bummed.


I check Deviant Art daily just to keep the sheer number of pieces of artwork in my inbox down, and there was a post from Ina Wong!

She opened up her schedule to take a commission!

You’d better bet that I scrambled to be the first person to respond. So she and her studio are doing another cover for me, and I’m delighted.

The first sketches came today, so I sent the first payment in. (Which, since I’m running this as a business, will go into my expenses.)

Here’s a sneak peek:

I chose the pose on the left so it would more closely match the first cover. It will be a winter scene.

I’m so excited!

Means I have to hop on writing it, right? *smile*