Crossing My Fingers and Casting a Hope to the Wind!

This winter, we received an unusual New Year’s card.

One from our Japanese exchange student who we had not spoken to since 2000 or so. It had a return address, so I sat down and scratched my head and swore and wrote her a long letter… in Japanese. I had help for a few things, but I cobbled together a 3rd grade level letter.

Ha, I’m so bad at Japanese.

When she lived with us, I was in High School and only knew a few Hiragana/katakana. She left before I started college, and we never heard from her.

She didn’t know I took two years of college level Japanese for my language credits. I wanted to major, but I wasn’t good enough for the program – at the time I was crushed, but now I’m glad things turned out the way they did. I love my life!

So she isn’t expecting a letter in Japanese.

And she might not realize it was me right away – my last name has changed, and I go by my middle name.

BUT… I wrote her a letter, and I’m hopefully mailing it out tomorrow.

I don’t know if she will get it.

I don’t know if she still lives in the same place.

But I’m hoping she will and that we can talk. I included my email and website in the letter so she could reach out that way if she wanted.

Wish me luck~!

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  1. I hope you sent her your email address and Blog page address too. So glad she wrote.

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