I’m reaching the end of the revision process, which means I’m writing the front and back matter for my novel.

This includes the Dedication section, and I chose three people to include there. Unfortunately, they’ve all passed so I won’t ever be able to press my book into their hands and tell them that I would never have gotten there without them. I’ve been working this week to reach the family members of two of them so that I can gift them a copy, and I was lucky enough to find one for each on Facebook.

Mr. Ronald Zingsheim (deceased) – my high school English teacher who taught me not just to love writing but that talking about writing isn’t enough. Only getting your derrière into the chair and actually writing counts. He was an amazing teacher, and because of him I can take criticism of my writing without feeling personally attacked. I took a work study with him where he made me write on the clock. No ‘waiting for inspiration’. Just sit down and write, and this is one of the most important things I’ve ever learned. The words WILL show up if I show up.

Mrs. Patricia Hansen (deceased) – my high school Librarian who gave me sanctuary in her library when I was being bullied my 7th grade year. She encouraged my love of books, let me help in the library, and also taught me to be a better person. She believed, 100%, that I could reach a professional writing level, and she pushed me to reach for it. In 11th and 12th grade she even let me help her pick out books for the book orders, and I loved weighing the options carefully, hoping for the best books possible.

Mrs. Judy Hanson (deceased) – my aunt on my father’s side. She loved reading and would often send gift cards for books when my family was tight. She loaned me books every time she came to visit, encouraged me to read beyond my ‘reading level’, and was absolutely stoked when she read one of my latest novels. She was the first person outside of immediate family and friends I asked to read one of my books, and her response was so positive, it helped drive me forward to work harder and learn more.

The actual dedications will be much shorter, obviously, but I’m wondering if I should include a longer version at the end of the acknowledgements.