“Still Water” is Live!


You can buy it HERE as an e-book for $4.99 or as a paperback (soon!) for $14.99.

A quick blurb:

Danita Morgan is starting over. New town, new school, new everything. A chance to walk away from a relationship gone sour and the restraining orders filed against her.

Her new neighborhood is made up of cookie-cutter houses and reclusive neighbors. This is fine. They keep their distance, and she keeps hers.

Until a girl too beautiful to be real meets her at the pool and offers easy smiles and friendship.

Until the two girls find the first drowning victim high on the bluffs, yards from Dani’s back door.

Until Dani and her new guy friends go exploring in the Kickapoo River Valley and find things they shouldn’t.

Unbelievable things.

Dangerous things.

Deep in the Ocooch Mountains, where fairytales go to die, Danita Morgan is a target. She’s someone new — more than that, she’s something new, something no one else has quite seen before.

“Still Water” is a Young Adult Urban Fantasy that maintains a Clean and Sweet tone. This novel is a Slow Burn due to the age of the protagonist. This relationship will develop over a planned series. #WhyChoose

Ya’ll, I might squee to death.