Updating My Kanban Board

Now that ‘Still Water’ is out, I’m starting to draft the following novel, ‘Murky Water’. You know what that means!

Fresh Kanban Board!

Here’s what it looks like empty:

And then filled in for Murky Water:

I expect the draft to be somewhere between 75,000 and 110,000 words – it’s pretty hard at this stage to see exactly, so I’m being flexible with my counting off numbers.

Obviously each number should have zeroes behind them, but there wasn’t space.

My ideal deadline is November 15th so I can start revisions at a reasonable time, and it’ll be a push. Tentative release in July 2022. I have the outline to work from, but things never go as smoothly as planned, and I have yet to have a single ‘climax’ to my story be where or what I expect it to be from my outline.

So, here goes!

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