Disaster Zone in Progress

Our new woodstove will require a LOT of room to safely be installed and run, and our house is very small.

So we had to make so concessions, and by ‘we’ I mean ‘me’.

First I went through the clothing in my dressers and got rid of 1/3 of it so we could ditch a dresser.

Then the furniture shuffling began.

Tundra was DISPLEASED.

We tore the bedroom apart to move furniture, and of course a friend stopped by during the middle of it so she could see the disaster zone it was.

Not the closet is FULL of stuff. This will be relevant in a later post.

First, the dumped items in the hall.

There was SO MUCH cleaning. A lot of this furniture hadn’t been moved since we bought the house in 2013, so there were entire dogs worth of fur behind them and a TON of dust. I vacuumed up the fur, dusted the furniture, and dry mopped the floor for dust, plus vacuumed the walls to get cobwebs.

But here’s the stove unpacked.

It’s obviously not assembled yet, but it looks intact. It came with a nice set of instruction, but I had already printed that exact manual.

Now photos of the final layout. It was weird because half of our room was almost empty and half was stuffed.

Door to the left to main hall, door to the right to bathroom. The dressers can only have one open at a time, which is kind of crazy so I’ll have to keep whittling down my stuff.

Bookshelves framing the entrance to the linen closet/bathroom and beyond that the dining room. Egress window to the right still has access of course!

Now the same furniture from a different angle.

The shelves on the far left stayed put, but I’m down to two dressers.

The bed looks oddly naked with no furniture surrounding it, but the bookshelves were too unstable to put there, so we framed a door with them.

And the wall where the stove will be.

The bins are going to the basement. The stove is sitting behind them.

The sewing table is quick to set up and take down so very portable.

We just need to save up money to install the stove, and we’re set! That would include fireproofing around the stove and running a pipe safely straight up through the roof. Gonna be a while on this, but at least I have the stove.

What do you think?

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