We Hit 700 Posts!

I set up my blog in January or February of 2017, had a few haphazard posts while I set things up, and then settled into a solid writing schedule of 3 posts a week, every week.

I’ve only missed… 2? days entirely. In which I posted an apology the next day.

I’ve had a handful of late posts – an hour or two after my usual time of 5pm Central. Less than 10 I would guess.

And then a handful of ‘I’m Sick, Ya’ll, Not Going to Happen’ posts. Probably also about 10.

But I started this to prove to myself that I could post regularly. To prove that being Bipolar didn’t mean I couldn’t be consistent. I wanted to show I could, and I have!

Not every post has been star quality, but I’ve put in a lot of effort, every week, to make this happen. I usually write my posts on Sunday and schedule them out for the week. The posts show on Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

Most of the bloggers I talked with in those first months have since closed down their blogs or stopped posting entirely. Why? That’s their story, and I haven’t asked.

But I’m really proud to have made it this far!

So thank you, for following me while I felt out my ‘brand’, found what kind of posts work for me, worked through my crazy life. The original rules still stand – no one but me has their name here, no photos of others, no drama about other people. (I think I have a handful of exceptions where I talked about another person’s story, but they were positive stories!)

Thank you for your comments and likes and the hits to my page that make me so happy that SOMEONE out there is reading.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume you’re not ALL bots, anyway.

Here’s to another 100 with all of you!

So, what do you think? I’ve never done a giveaway – maybe I should? What would I give away? I want to celebrate!

One thought on “We Hit 700 Posts!

  1. I have your book, but a copy of your book wouldn’t be a bad giveaway.

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