Happy New Year!

Or Happy New Year’s Eve at least!

Traditionally, my husband and I go around and change all the fire detector and carbon monoxide batteries on New Year’s.

Because nothing says being an adult like drinking and climbing a ladder propped up on a staircase.

I jest.

The drinking happens afterwards, but it’s a silly image all the same.

Anyway, we play our favorite video games together, and then when midnight comes, we get out the non alcoholic fizzy grape whatever-you-call-it, toast, and listen to Taylor Swift’s New Year’s Day song which I’ll link here.

Non alcoholic because I don’t actually like wine or champagne. I know I’m probably the only person on the planet who doesn’t, but I’ve never liked either.

And then we cuddle on the couch and keep playing our game.

This year might be a little different; I don’t know for sure. We have new gaming friends online and maybe they’ll want to Discord and play Guild Wars. No idea yet though.

Anyway, that’s what we usually do.

What are your plans?

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