Off to Get My Head Examined Take Two

I’m heading to Madison this afternoon for my MRI.

This is attempt number two since they scheduled me for the wrong machine last time.

My in-laws will watch Tundra which is super nice of them, and we’ll stop by and see a friend from college on the way. He’s in long term recovery care – he went into the hospital in JUNE for a heart surgery and had four strokes during the procedure.

It’s been one step forward, two steps back, but he got his trach out this last week which is AMAZING.

Another friend of ours has been putting in long hours making sure that his life will still be there when he recovers – making sure the cat is fed, the bills are paid, and that the lawn is mowed/snow is removed so he doesn’t get fines.

Hat’s off to her!

Madison is a hike for us, so we hadn’t visited him yet, but we made sure to make time during this visit.

So, here’s to hoping the MRI shows what we’re concerned about is A. Not a crisis and B. TINY!