Sewing Masks Again

Since the pandemic started in 2020, I’ve been sewing masks for family.

In fact, I’ve only bought one mask, and that was to support an author I love.

I started early enough that I was ahead of the materials rush and was able to pick from a variety of fat quarters at WalMart and bought two colors of elastic.

So I made them for family. Things were tight and $2 for a fat quarter that can make three masks is a lot cheaper than masks were going for then and definitely cheaper than they run now.

These aren’t works of art. They’re not fancy with nose wires and shaping to fit your face.

But they’ll keep my cold’s cough from spreading it to you which is the point. And they hold up to washing in the washing machine and to ironing.

Anyway, after two years, most of my masks’ elastic has failed, especially since I tended to leave spares sitting in the car in both heat and cold.

I made a few the other night, and I RAN OUT OF THREAD.

Plain black or white thread at least, so I finally had to replace those.

Here’s a looksee at the front:

Yes, there’s glitter on two of them, but I’ve had few problems with it coming off the fabric so far. They’re also two layered with the nice fabric on front and a plainer one on the back usually.

And then the back, masks in the same position just flipped over:

Today I ran into town and picked up a few things, including thread, so I’ll be making more. They’re not great, but they’re about $1 each to make along with 20 minutes or so of time.

Where have you been getting masks?