Let’s Play What Circuit Is This Outlet On?

Starring random Hispanic dude we accidentally called five times.

Let me explain.

My in-laws have a new house. They’re moving out of the city and into the country, and they have a new house. They’ve been working on cleaning up the old home, their ‘starter’ home of 30+ years for sale.

This weekend, we visited the new house and my father-in-law snagged us to find out what lights and outlets went on which circuit breakers.

He got out his phone and stomped down to the basement.

I got the little wavy wand that you hold next to the outlets, and it beeps if there’s a live wire.

My husband got a little plug in looking thing with lights.

My mother-in-law got out her phone, called him, and we were off to the races.

He started flipping switches while we yelled at him to wait-just-a-minute-we’re-still-looking-just-stahp-or-so-help-me… you get the idea.

The reception was bad. My father-in-law’s phone died.

Yelling down the stairs didn’t work.

We finally sent my husband downstairs, and my mother-in-law flipped through her contacts and called him.

It rang.


Thinking it’s my husband, we laughingly answer in Spanish and there’s much confusion for several minutes, before we realize it’s a wrong number. We apologize and hang up.

She tries again.

We called this poor dude FIVE TIMES, and he was so patient with us.

We finally realized that, somehow, her listing in her smart phone had an entirely new number under my husband’s name. Like, not even the same area code.

How does this even happen?

She hadn’t changed it.

But it was changed.

So, totally weird, and we harassed this poor guy five times before we figured it out.

The circuits are mapped and noted down.

Eventual success.

Just… sorry, dude. You were super patient, so thank you, but also sorry.

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