You, Also, Can Be a V-Tuber

For Valentine’s Day, my husband traditionally buys a box of fun dip, puts rhyming clues on the individual dips, and I go on a scavenger hunt to find them all.

This year, there was a prize at the end!

My husband had installed VRoid Studio and VSeeFace on my computer along with my favorite game character’s avatar!

If you’re not familiar, these programs allow you to create a virtual avatar and sync their motions to your webcam. This is how V-Tubers have their avatar on the side, moving like them, on the corner of their videos.

I haven’t uploaded any video, but here are some screen captures!

First, I tried Pyra.

It was a little rough working with the program, but we smoothed a lot of the issues out.

And then I made my own avatar!

For some reason, she likes to tilt her head forward and make this default face:

I think I’ll have to darken my eyebrows, because the system couldn’t seem to pick them out properly to make expressions, but when I looked to the side and scowled, B cracked up and took a capture.

What did we do next, you might wonder?

Called my brother on Discord of course, so I could show off!

We’re just starting to experiment with these, so I’m having a lot of fun. There are assets in a bunch of different places, including Etsy.

The downside is if I decide to do video with this, I’ll have to disconnect it from my author blog because, while I don’t swear in my writing or on my blog, I swear like a sailor in person!

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “You, Also, Can Be a V-Tuber

  1. Whoa, that looks pretty good. It’s super interesting too, to be able to maintain some anonymity while also exploring a new medium. Video has never really been my thing, but I’ve been thinking of branching out, ya know? Anyway, thanks for this post!

    1. I’m fiddling with it to see how it works, and it’s been pretty straightforward. I like that it has a set of ‘expressions’ that it tries to read your face to make, so it’s not actually making whatever weird face I’m making while I play and instead gives a more solid ‘happy’ or ‘frown’. 🙂

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