Greenhouse Attempt #2 and Garden Prepping

You might remember, that I had a small greenhouse before.

One that took off into the wild blue yonder during a windstorm when I wasn’t home.

So… here’s try number two. I staked this bad boy to the ground with ~30 stakes, zip tied the pieces together to keep the wind from tugging them apart, and it withstood a fairly impressive storm this week.

So, success!

Much larger than the previous, and you can see, peeking through the mesh because I’m lazy and didn’t want to pull the door open for the photo, there’s eight shelves, with four on each side.

It’s more than big enough for my 5′ 9″ self to stand easily inside and work on plants.

I emptied the fungus gnat soil from my old GreenStalks into my beds:

This water trough was only half full before but is full now!
And topped off this bed too:

I also laid landscape tarp in preparation for the straw beds I’ll be building in a week or so.

And my plants waiting inside are looking lovely:

Spring, hurry, hurry! I can hardly wait! *smile*