Updates on the Wood Box

Because the top of the wood box my husband made is particle board for now, he painted it to resist the weather a bit better.

And then, he went through our wood pile of wood and brush and broke it down!

The big, useful-but-won’t-fit bits are to the side.

Look how neatly it fits:

Here’s where it used to be, all tangled and wet with rain.

Just some brush left over.

And the big, mostly rotten chunks:

Time to burn all that up, and we’ll FINALLY have tackled and beaten the abandoned garden the previous owner left us with, overgrown and full of sumac and fallen branches.

I can’t seem to dig up a picture right now, but it’s a HUGE different. Oure entire lot is only .15 acres or so, so having 1/8th or so of it tied up in useless land was a frustrating.

Now it fits neatly in a box!