Bank Aggravation

My debit card expires this month.

I’d been waiting patiently for the new card, but it never arrived, and when I went to check the banking website this week, it says it should have arrived in May.

There are no transactions I didn’t recognize, and I don’t activate a card until I’m holding it, so that’s not an issue.


There was no way to mark the new card as missing.

So I ordered a replacement card, choosing from the menu that it’s for a different ‘look’, and then I messaged them to let them know the replacement had never arrived.

At which point, they kindly froze my existing debit card and told me it would be 10-14 business days to get my card.

Are. They. For. Real?

Of course, I could drive two hours to the nearest bank location and get a card during business hours… when I’m busy doing work related activities.

TWO TO THREE WEEKS without a debit card.

ALL of my bills and subscriptions that use the card are sending me nasty grams that the card has expired, but I HAVE NO NEW CARD to pay them with!

If I was single, I’d be up a creek without a paddle, because I have NO way to access my money other than checks. I don’t pay bills with checks because in the past I’ve had problems with them not arriving and vanishing into the ether, and the company failing to notify me and instead sending late charge after late charge.

Some of the subscriptions only accept credit/debit.

I had to snag my husband’s card and change 15 or so services/bills/subscriptions over to his card for the duration. It’s the same bank account, so there’s no problem there, but really?


That’s 21 days, or most of a month without a debit card!

I can’t buy ANYTHING for most of a month!

I’m infuriated.