We Bought a(nother) Jackery

Looking at the warnings that we’ll have rolling black outs all summer, and the fact that we have FOUR freezers now… we bought a second Jackery.

We actually bought the first Jackery in March or so when it became clear black outs were a threat.

Here it is:

It came with four solar panels AND the ability to charge from the wall and car both.

We tested it overnight, and it ran two fans, on high, for seven or so hours.

With the panels charging daily, or pulling from the wall, I can shuffle through my freezers and make sure they stay frozen. I have alarms in them that go off when the temperature rises above 20 F, at which point I would run them on the Jackery until they cooled.

I can charge the Jackery with panels WHILE I run things, which is one of the reasons we chose this brand. So I can set up my panels, run the line to the Jackery, and plug in a two freezers at a time, and it’ll work.

It would be a balancing act and very reliant on the alarms for the freezers, but I think I can make it work.

Then, we have the smaller, new Jackery that came this week.

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This one is solely for comfort. It was clear we couldn’t run the freezers AND fans at night for us, so this one is just for running a fan and keeping us and the dog cool. We have collected soda bottles and frozen them in the freezers to both supply cold water as needed for comfort AND to keep the temperature down in the freezer by being close to full.

I didn’t order any solar panels with it, unfortunately. Those will come in time, but I can split the panels for the larger one and run two on each if I need to.

So, we’ll see how well this works this week, I guess. There are already warnings that we’ll possibly be seeing rolling brown outs.

Crossing my fingers!