Nintendo, Really?

My husband preordered Xenoblade 3’s special edition.

This means he spent months waiting for the page to go live, dropped everything when the notification from our watch site came through, and spent four hours sitting in queue, but he finally was able to buy it. Many, MANY people didn’t get to and were left disappointed.

They pulled our money, and the game was due to release this last Friday.

It didn’t arrive Friday.

He took the day off to play, expected that, JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER RETAILER, they would ship so the game arrived on release day.

He only ordered through Nintendo itself because they didn’t offer their special edition anywhere else, so you would THINK that they would follow convention, right?

Yeah, no.

On top of that, they never indicated otherwise.

He spent the day waiting for a package that never came, that was never coming.

He was crushed.

I took over and ended up going to Walmart at close to midnight to try and buy a copy, but of course they’d already sold all of their copies, of which they’d only received THREE.

So I pulled an executive decision and bought the digital copy rather than wait for a physical copy that had NO SHIPPING notification, no processing notification, NOTHING. No assurance that it was coming, no communications from Nintendo.

I’m… let’s say a little angry about the wasted money.

He contacted Nintendo on Saturday, and the rep was VERY nice but had no answers as to why they hadn’t bothered to drop so much as an email letting anyone know it would be late.

The Internet is full of furious people who didn’t get their game.

The game FINALLY showed up on Monday… and it was just the plain game. No special edition contents that we paid an extra $50 or so for.

I’m trying really hard here not to swear because this is a clean and sweet blog, but let me be clear. I’m REALLY angry that they yanked my husband’s chain.

I’m not a big release day girl. I don’t care that much for myself.

But my husband has been counting down the days, took Friday off waiting because he was SO EXCITED.

So here’s the thing, Nintendo, if you’re reading. We’re more than willing to accommodate any scheduling/shipping changes you need to make, BUT YOU HAVE TO KEEP US IN THE LOOP.

Leaving us hanging is unprofessional and infuriating.

We’re huge fans of the Xenoblade franchise, and we buy nothing but Nintendo games or Indie games on the Nintendo store. I have one computer game. Two Playstation games. The rest?

All Nintendo.

You get that? We’re fans.

If you tell us what’s going on AS SOON AS YOU KNOW THERE’S AN ISSUE, we’ll roll with it, because we trust your product and we trust in you.

But leaving us in the dark like this?

Not cool.