First Ever Customer Complaint

I have never complained to a store about their product.

My mom has. My husband has. My brother has.

But most of the time I just chill and deal with it. Or maybe write a rant on my blog and move on. **coughNintendocough**

But, I can no longer say that as of today because my 12 pack of Crunchy Taco Shells had only 11 shells! All packaging was intact. There were only 11 shells.

I’m not crazy, am I? You’re only seeing 11 too? I swear I can count!

Which, you’d think wasn’t a big deal, but tacos are Serious Business. We love tacos, and we each get an assigned number of shells so it’s fair and we don’t shiv each other with forks.

… we can’t do that with 11 shells.

I mean, I paid for 12 and got 11, and all that jazz, but mostly I was annoyed about the sorting. And while I’m not inclined to yell and scream and stomp my feet, this was a production error of some sort, and I wanted to let them know before someone who IS inclined to yell and scream and stomp their feet takes it out on an employee there.

So I messaged ALDI to let them know there had been a goof.

It’s kind of embarrassing actually, but I WAS annoyed enough to message them, so what does that say? I doubt anything will come of it, and it’s totally a first world problem.

What’s the strangest packaging mishap you’ve had? The strangest one I’ve seen was when my mom bought Nutter Butters… and there was no filling! Not a single cookie pair had the peanut butter filling between them! It was kind of crazy looking.

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