My Freezer Don’t Fit

We bought a new standing freezer for food storage from my garden, and I’m slowly filling it.

That said, the set up we had for it was awkward. Even with my chair pushed in all the way at the kitchen table, the door didn’t want to open far enough to let us take things out of the freezer.

Well, my husband decided to fix that!

Here’s the new set up:

A shelf, just installed.

Yes, those are Jackery solar panels tucked next to the freezer, and the edge of a Jackery on top of the big freezer.

The small freezer in the corner where I can still reach it to pull bags out. (I keep items in the chest freezers in bags of like items to make it easier to find things and take them out/put them in.)

The desk replaces the kitchen table we had before. It wasn’t being used for anything except my taking meds in the morning and evening, so a small table is fine.

The freezer, now easy to push in a chair and access.

The recycling and dog food had been on the kitchen table extension, and now they’re on a smaller table. With the set up before, we had to reach over and around my medications to access these. Now they’re easy to reach.

And all of the camping gear tucked in and around this small table to make it easier to access.

See? It all fits!

We use a canopy with mosquito netting when we grill out with my parents, the chairs are used then too, and the rest is for actual camping, tucked away out of the way.

The table has a fold up leaf if I need to set something down while feeding the dog.

Another shot of the desk.

Our beans and rice buckets tucked under the counter, and beyond them are some more solar panels and various framed paintings that I want safely out of the way so the dog doesn’t destroy them on accident.

This set up lets us plug in the oven and unplug it without having to squeeze between the freezer and the oven, potentially burning an arm or cheek.

I’ve done both.

So I’m pretty happy with this set up! It’s much more stream lined.

What do you think?