Publish and Thrive

If you’re an author, and you want to buy ONE class on how to publish, I’m thinking Sarra Cannon’s Publish and Thrive is the one.

I’m 100% serious about this.

I spent all weekend at my in-laws’ house, and there was nothing to do, so I was going hard at her class and… wow.

So many things I wish I had known before I started publishing.

So many things I need to think about right now about publishing, choices I didn’t even know I have to make.

Steps I still need to take to avoid future problems.

How to run the finances, how to tell if what you’re doing is profitable, the works.

And I haven’t even gotten all the way through Module 3! THERE ARE THREE MORE MODULES.

Ya’ll, this course is DENSE, and it’s worth every penny.

So, if you’re an author?

And you want to publish?

This is THE class you should be taking, no joke.

Go HERE to find her course, and NO, this is not an affiliate link. I’m just that impressed.

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