Process ALL the Apples!

Not many photos, but I was busy, busy, BUSY!

I got this toy in the mail:

It works SO WELL, and I didn’t even take off part of my finger or anything!

I bought 1/2 a bushel of Honeycrisp and fished out all my old apples.

The old apples became applesauce, including this batch I bought when Honeycrisp weren’t ripe yet.

The tool made lovely, easy to work with, peeled slices!

In total, I ended up making four quart jars of applesauce (that I froze), four gallon bags of apple crisp filling, and an entire dehydrator’s worth of dried apple slices which were DELICIOUS.

Monday, we’ll pick the apples from my tree, and I have another 1/2 bushel of Honeycrisp to play with! Although, this late in the season, I’ll leave most of them for eating fresh.

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