Card Captor Sakura Decks

So, I’ve decided that after the Girlie series, I want to write something with a card master as the main character.

To do this, I’ve ordered some books on tarot, and a set of tarot cards. (Actually two sets.)

BUT, I also bought the Card Captor cards. I used to have one of these sets, but I was forced to sell it when being homeless was a possibility.

Now, I bought all three sets.

These are absolutely cheap Chinese knock offs, and they’re not as nice as the set I had before, but they’ll do for what I’m working with.

The backs of the cards.

Now, the red Clow deck, and the dark pink Sakura deck have the same cards in them.

The Clow:

The Sakura deck.

And the other deck… I’m not sure what to call it. There are no repeated cards in this one, and it’s only a handful of cards, most of which are character cards.

All three decks have Sakura cards, although my original deck did not.

For now I’m using them sort of like tarot cards, with tarot spreads while I think about what would work best for a story. I mixed the original Clow deck with the spare deck so that I have the maximum number of cards with no repeats, and I’m having fun with them.

I think using the tarot itself will be the wisest choice – I definitely don’t want to infringe on the Card Captor copyright.

But they’re fun!

And lovely. *smile*