Gluten Free Breadmaker?

I finally folded and bought myself a breadmaker, and I picked one that has a gluten free setting.

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Now, the reviews say the recipes are good but to bake it under white bread because the gluten free setting doesn’t have enough time to rise set into it.

I tested the breadmaker with two normal wheat loaves first because I wanted a baseline before I started finicky recipes.

They were pale but acceptable.

I set up to bake a gluten free loaf today but botched the first batch by forgetting to put the paddle back in.

After that was dumped (I couldn’t get the paddle to attach with the flour and stuff in there, and I tried!), I started it again.

Now it’s a matter of hurry up and wait!

This dough looks VERY different from the usual wheat bread, and also different from my usual gluten free bread that I do by hand.

Here’s to hoping?