I Might Have Played a Lot of Guild Wars This Week

I’ve been depressed.

And when I’m depressed all I do is sleep and play World vs. World in Guild Wars so that I can alternately troll and murder other players.

My normal kills in a week is between 30 and 50, usually done Friday night with the whole guild.

This last week I made 263 kills.


Anyway, for shinies, here are my three World vs. World characters.

My main:

She’s set up as an Arrow Cart, and the character I usually play. This build lets me spam barrage every five seconds or so, and barrage lets me shoot people without line of sight. Fantastic for defending keeps.

My second:

She’s a Heal Scourge. Low damage, best for running with a Zerg. She can pull groups of single downed players to her and rez them, and as soon as they’re standing again, her skill has reset so she can grab another group. Downside is the pull is only 300 meters, so she really, REALLY has to be in the center of a fight to help.

This is my in progress character that I’m working on setting up for World vs. World. Guardian, and I’m not very good at it yet.

Do you play Guild Wars 2? If so, what server are you on? I’m on Jade Quarry.