Purging Old Hobbies

I’ve started on cleaning the basement which is absolutely chock full of stuff. The majority of it is supplies for things I used to enjoy doing but haven’t done in a decade.

My husband has stuff in there too – he moved directly from his parents’ house into the house we purchased. His mom was amazing and packed everything for him, but that means there’s a lot of stuff he wants to go through.

I’m focused on my own stuff though. We need the space in the basement to declutter the first floor which has gotten a bit out of hand, so I’m sorting through what I don’t use anymore. This is limited of course by the four trash bag a week limit our village has.

I’m pulling out anything someone else might want and putting that in a bin for a garage sale in the spring. Our village has an event every year the week before Spring Clean Up where you can sell stuff.

What doesn’t sell inevitably goes into the clean up. The clean up is nice because you can get rid of large items that the trash company won’t normally pick up.

Most of what I’ve culled so far has been my water damaged SCA garb and a TON of fabrics from when I sewed a lot for Ring Game.

I’ll keep trucking along at it, but this is going to take quite a while! Don’t worry, the guitar and toys are my husband’s and they’re not going anywhere.

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