Chicken Photos!

I got my first batch of chicks on July 24th, and they’re getting so big!

I had a chicken getting pecked, and they had to be separated into two enclosures because she was bleeding, one with the injured chicken and two bantams, one with the rest of the hooligans.

This chicken debacle ended up with a panicked chicken tangled in my hair and actively pooping down the back of my shirt. She scratched up my face and then wouldn’t get off my shoulder because my husband pouring pine shavings into a new enclosure is apparently the scariest thing known to chickenkind. What makes it even funnier is that she is the one chicken who haaaaaaates us… but apparently I’m where she goes when things are scary.

Anywho, some pictures of the set up.

The big enclosure is MUCH more comfortable for the girls, although it’s a lot harder to catch them. The two air filters are to keep them from harassing the chicks in the other enclosure.

And the three baby bantams took the old enclosure.

No pictures of me holding them because I didn’t have a second person helping.

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