Tundra’s Getting to Be an Old Boy

Tundra is 13 as of October 10th, and he’s starting to get a bit gimpy. He groans and grumps when he has to move, and his back legs aren’t as strong as they used to be.

So we brought him to the vet, because his current pain med wasn’t enough.

They have him on carprofen and denamarin, but they’re adding gabepentin to the list, doses varying as he needs it. She told me to pay attention to when the weather made me achy, and when it does think of Tundra.

He’s getting to be an old boy! <3

2 thoughts on “Tundra’s Getting to Be an Old Boy

    1. Within 24 hours of his new pain med, he scaled a chair, my desk, and got to a high shelf where he pulled down his pill pockets and ate them all. He also knocked my meds off the desk, where the spilled, but he did NOT eat any of those. I think he’s feeling better. >:(

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