Old Dog Indeed – Bad for My Heart!

So on Friday, we brought Tundra to the vet because he wasn’t doing great, and I’m like ‘he’s an old boy’ and was feeling bad for him.

They started him on a new pain med.

And then this jerk proved he still has plenty of vinegar and spite inside of him and that he feels WAY better on this med.

He climbed on my chair, climbed onto my desk, and reached up onto a tall shelf for his pill pockets and ATE ALL OF THEM.

He also knocked MY medications off the desk, spilled pills all over the floor, and did NOT eat those.

This is a big deal, ya’ll. My meds are dangerous for dogs, and I accounted for every pill. He ate NONE of them.

So I’m both infuriated that he ate all of his expensive pill pockets, and I had to make an emergency trip to get some because he won’t take his denamarin without them… and relieved that he was the GOODEST BOY and did not eat any of my medications and just left them all scattered on the floor.

Oh, my heart.

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