Raze It to the Ground and Start Anew


So, this is our back garden.  I’d estimate 25×35 feet and a real mess.  The previous owner let it grow wild for three years, and we’ve spent the last four years desperately trying to catch up with it again.  It’s been a losing battle.

So I gave up this year and inquired around to get some quotes on how much it would cost to have someone just come in and clear it for us.  Initial quote was $800-$1500.

Well, my husband just about choked.  And when I got home from work yesterday, this is what I saw:


He leveled.  Take a look from the other side!


So, I guess I’ll have to call back and say we don’t need help?

He spent this morning cutting out the sumac tree stumps and digging up their roots.  I’m officially impressed!  Isn’t he awesome?

Has your S.O. (or you) ever been prompted into extreme efforts by the mere idea of paying someone through the nose to do the work they’ve been avoiding?  How did that work out? *smile*