Day 115: They Still Haven’t Realized I’m a Maple Tree

So, we’ve cleared a lot of brush.  A LOT.  And my husband took a closer look at our lilac bush for a change.  Kind of a blurry picture here, but you probably know what a lilac bush looks like:


All looks good.

Lots of this going on:


Flowers have died for the season, but hey that’s that’s what happens.


What is this?


Those aren’t lilac leaves!

And this suspiciously pale bark…


One of these things is not like the other!

Stunning.  This maple tree has been growing in the middle of our lilac for a few years and we never caught it!

We’ll see about that.  The husband is most annoyed and has just gone out with hedge clippers…

Have you had any surprises pop up in your garden that you didn’t find for weeks or months, or heaven-forbid years?  This certainly startled us!  *smile*