In Which I Am Apparently Growing Baby Bunnies

I’ve been trying to get the rabbits to stop eating in my garden, and I thought I had gained ground until I saw that my beans were dying.  And a closer inspection showed this:


My, my, what a wee little tunnel.  And what’s this fuzz?



Baby bunnies.

Well, I tucked them back in and have only given into the urge to peek once since, but I didn’t have my camera then.

Suffice it to know that there are at least four tiny hoppers that stare up at you with bright eyes.  They’re not scared of me yet, but I’m leaving them be.

So, I went and sprayed everything like crazy with my hot pepper/vinegar/soap spray because, really?  These are my peas and lettuce plants.  Just because the little free-loaders moved in doesn’t mean I have to feed them!

Have you ever found baby bunnies or other fuzzy babies?  What did you do with your nest?