Keto: Tortilla Revisited

You may remember that I posted a Keto tortilla recipe that was working great for me.  Well, who would have known that it could get EVEN BETTER if I mixed the batter longer?

Not a cursory mix like I was before, but really fluffing it like I would scrambled eggs.



This is the sad and lumpy efforts from before.

And now, behold!


Isn’t that amazing?  It tastes the same either way, but the new way has a way better texture and holds up better.

As batter:


Oh, and because I didn’t think to show you before, this is what the bottom looks like:


Don’t worry, it’s normal.  I just dry it in a pan on the stovetop so it isn’t soggy.  You can also keep microwaving and flipping it over, but that comes with the risk of it really stiffening up.

So, go forth and Keto On!

Do you have any preferred Keto tortilla recipes?  What do you do for enchiladas?  Inquiring minds want to know!