Thanksgiving 2017: Keto On!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

My husband and I spent the day at my parents’ house, and I am super proud of myself for staying 95% keto!

During the days leading up to Thanksgiving, I  made Low Carb Cauliflower stuffing, pumpkin pie, and cranberry sauce.  I had ordered erythritol on one day shipping from Amazon, but it hadn’t even shipped three days later – I had to make due with Splenda.  This is the first time I’ve ever cancelled an Amazon order.  $8 for one day shipping, and three days later it hadn’t even left the facility?  I was steamed.

Anywho, the stuffing and pie were delicious, but the cranberry sauce bombed.  I followed the sugar conversion on the bag, but it came out way too sweet.  Not even a trace of cranberry taste.

But on Thanksgiving my only cheats were a few spoonfuls of fruit salad and some whipped cream (not homemade).  Everything else was low carb, so I’m proud of myself.

I brought mashed cauliflower, which was ridiculously delicious, especially with the butter I added.  It actually tasted a lot like my dad’s potato soup which is awesome!  I’ve tried two brands of this from Walmart, and I liked both.  Kudos for Walmart jumping on the low carb wagon btw… it makes my life a lot easier.  They even have riced cauliflower, although I admit that ricing it is so easy in my food processor that I tend to save the money and do it myself.

Here’s to a low carb, nearly Keto Thanksgiving!