Here, Doggy, Doggy!

So, today was a quiet day, and our dog was dozing.   We were sitting at our computers doing computer things (and writing), when our dog perked up and ran to the door.

He started bouncing around and gave that characteristic snowdog ‘Wooooo!’, so we got up to check.

One of our neighbors’ Husky and German Shepard were prancing around in our backyard in our six inches of fresh fallen snow.  Now the Husky, Silas, is a huge escape artist, so seeing him was no big surprise, but the German Shepard was new to us.

So my husband put Tundra on the lead to lure them closer and headed out back in an attempt to catch their furry butts.

I texted their owner with my phone – ironically I don’t actually know their names and just have them down as ‘Black Husky’, and I let them know we could see the dogs.

She was quick to answer back.  The German Shepard is named Denali and is very skittish if she doesn’t hear you calling her name, which showed immediately since she took off.

Tundra was hopping and dancing around Silas having the time of his life, and my husband was trying to snag Silas without aid of a collar, which was missing.  After several noisy and exciting minutes of this Silas took off.

I text the owner to let them know they headed towards the Catholic Church.  My husband tried to follow but lost them almost immediately.

And I lured Tundra into the house with the promise of din dins in his dish.  (Which I did provide some.)

So now we’re all tucked inside again, my husband the wetter for it, and here’s to hoping that Silas and Denali were corralled without getting hurt!

Back to writing.

Is your pet an escape artist?  How do you deal with such things?  We’ve had, fortunately and possibly remarkably, very few issues with Tundra.   What kind of pet do you have?  I would suggest posting a picture, but so far as I know this blog doesn’t allow photo attachments on comments.  Inquiring minds want to know though!  *smile*

3 thoughts on “Here, Doggy, Doggy!

  1. My dog is a known escape artist extrodonare. She gets loose from her collar, harness, you name it and she has gotten loose from it. She’s older now so it doesn’t happen as often but she still tries.

    1. Tundra hasn’t realized he could escape yet, and we’re hoping to keep it that way! Don’t let your fluffer teach him. 😛

  2. If Tundra ever does get free, your best bet is to have border patrol try and catch him at the Canadian border, because that dog can fly!

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