The Joys of a First Draft

I had forgotten how wonderful it is to dive into a first draft, writing freely without that critical editor in my head or the worry of people judging my results.  This draft is always just for me, and watching the word count climb, reading over what I’ve produced, is such a joy.

Later, it will be time to revise and judge and edit and cut, but for now there’s freedom on the page.

I’m not a pantser – I plot out my novels carefully in advance, although probably not to the extreme you’re thinking of.  I have the bare bones prepared, and when I actually dive in and start writing the draft the story comes alive, growing characters and backstory and personality quirks and rivalries.

So, right now I’m in the Honeymoon period of writing my first draft.  Later, it will be a struggle and a slog, but for now it comes easily.

I might be a little lighter on my posting – I’m thinking about posting some practices I did off and on to make blogging a little easier while I focus on this.  I’ve given up everything for the moment, even my Xenoblade 2 time!

Shocking, I know.

This is my first rough draft since 2015 and my ninth novel.  Although, the first couple novels were pretty shoddy and some didn’t get far past 40,000 words, so maybe I shouldn’t count them?

Anywho, what are you enjoying this week?  What are you doing to make yourself happier and healthier?  I’ve shared my shiny with you – what are you up to?  Inquiring minds want to know!

2 thoughts on “The Joys of a First Draft

  1. Keep writing and enjoy! The alphsmart was a great idea. I hope it works well for you. WRITE ON.

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