Keto: Waffles

I’ve tried a few different Keto pancake recipes, and I really haven’t liked them, especially those with cream cheese in them.  But I’ve kept an eye out, and there was one suggested on a Keto Facebook Group that looked promising.

This one at Low Carb Yum.

So I thought I’d give it a try, and I was really surprised!  They didn’t really taste eggy, and they came out nicely in my waffle iron.  Not quite as crispy/firm as I like, but when I upped the heat, they came out fine.

Each batch made four waffles, and I froze the extras so I’ll have them for breakfast.   The hardest thing for me, with Keto, is breakfast because of the time shortage.

But here’s some photos I took of the process.  Please note, I’m not a food blogger!  I don’t have a nice camera or set up to make things look good.


The very first one I did, I overfilled the iron, but I’ve gotten it down now.


Looks like a waffle!  They were a bit soft and hard to get of the iron, but they didn’t stick at all which was nice.


This one didn’t stick – the tear is from me trying to lift it out with a spatula.


And sugar free syrup!  It isn’t the best; there are definitely ones that are better for Keto, but this is what we had locally.

My set up:


You can really tell I’ve cleaned my house!  Look how nice that is.  *smile*

They were really good, actually, and I made them twice this weekend.

Are you Keto?  What waffle recipes do you use?  Do they have cream cheese?  How do you deal with breakfasts?  Inquiring minds want to know!

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