Gardening in the Heat Is No Fun

It has been hot here lately, but I put some time in the garden to rescue our apricot trees.  I had originally had rocks around them and peat moss, but they grew over this year, and the rocks made them impossible to mow between or around.

I wish I had taken some ‘before’ pictures, but here is the result of several hours of labor:


This was a 10×20 or so area of heavy grass and nettle, but now it looks quite nice, don’t you think?

And we ordered trees from the local conservation program this year.  Or bushes rather.  They come in packs of 25 so Mom and I split them.

Mine, I planted along the edge of the garage, and I’m realizing they’re a little close now, but it’s a bit late for changes.  These are Nanking Cherry Bushes, and they’re supposed to stay fairly small.


I lined them up so water from the roof would water them, and they’re far enough spaced to safely get a weed wacker all the way around them.  The biggest thing was to keep them out of my husband’s way for mowing.  They’re all happy and budding though!


What have you been up to in the garden?  How have you been beating the heat?  Inquiring minds want to know!  *smile*