Visiting Grandpa and Motility Problems

I took some time off this last week to go up to the Twin Cities and visit my grandpa!  My husband and my mom and I all drove up, about a six hour drive total.  It was so much fun to see him!  I took photos, but I don’t share photos of people (other than myself) here.

It was a lot of fun… but I was having motility problems.  As in, my guts forgot how to gut and weren’t moving anything along.  Thank you, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.

And when you’re visiting someone, do you know how often you have to eat?!?

I didn’t want to turn him down when he wanted to go out, but eating was a real struggle, and after just part of a plate very painful.  Between the stomach pain and the nausea, it was pretty miserable.

I took a medication I have that helps, but it still takes a few days to help.  And a laxative.  Nothing.

Today isn’t as bad – things are starting to move, and I don’t hurt so much, but I weigh at least 15 pounds more than I think I should.

We went out to eat THREE TIMES.

And the food was SO GOOD.

And I couldn’t eat it.

Today, I’m finally home (I’m writing this on a Sunday, btw.), and I don’t have to eat to be polite, so I’m not while I wait for things to get better.

Don’t worry, I’m still drinking water.  Just not eating is all.

Come on, guts!  Do your thing!  *sigh*

Is this something that you ever struggle with?  How do you deal with it?  I’m just relieved I don’t have to eat to be polite today!