My MIL Found an Aneurysm

My Mother-In-Law went in to get a lump checked (it was fine), and the scan they used showed that she had an aneurysm on her Basilar Artery.

It’s Saccular and about 1 cm in size.

It has NOT burst yet.

So this week will be a lot of waiting.  Waiting for her to meet with the Neurosurgeon, waiting to hear when her surgery will be, possibly waiting during the surgery.

This is a very scary time for my husband’s family.  They’re working on keeping her calm, keeping her blood pressure down, and keeping an eye on her.  First sign of a headache, and they’re instructed to rush her to the ER while calling it in.  Fortunately, they’re not far from the hospital.

This was a VERY lucky catch.

Family comes first in my life before this blog, so if I vanish sometime next week or am only posting filler, I’m focusing on them.

You’ll get posts through this Friday for sure though, because I write three posts every Sunday to put up for the coming week.  (Yes, my stories are a few days delayed.  It’s easier to manage posting once a week than three times!  Otherwise my health interferes.)

Please, keep her in your best wishes!  And if you were interested in writing a Guest Post (similar in content to my usual posts so Gardening, Writing, Keto, and Personal Stories), please reach out to me because that would be a huge help.  I have various friends who watch this blog that might have a fun story to tell too.  Remember to only include titles: husband, daughter, mother, etc.  I don’t use any name but my own on this blog.


2 thoughts on “My MIL Found an Aneurysm

  1. So sorry to hear and yet so happy they found it in time, my mom just had surgery to repair one over this winter so I understand how scary it is. I’m sure that everything will go well for her and will keep you guys in my thoughts.

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