Poor Wee Little Robins

Our last storm was a doozy, and when we came out to the car in the morning, there were some casualties.  A robin’s nest had fallen, tossing two robins onto the hood of our car and one onto the (now) hot road.  An egg had fallen too (which is why I knew it was a robin’s nest), but it shattered on the car.

The one on the road was lying in the sun and was quite dead, but the other two were weakly moving.

So I gathered them up gently, put them back in their nest, and my husband braced me while I reached as far up into the tree as I could to stuff the nest in.  It was soft enough that I wedged it in place, and we left to go grocery shopping.

When we got home, there was no sign of the parents, but we were hopeful and went inside.

But!  That evening around dusk we came out to go to my in-laws’ house, and I spooked a robin off the nest.  She didn’t make any noise as she flew off, but that was hugely encouraging.

I hope you’ll be okay little babies.