We Caught a Bunny!

Wednesday night, after I had gone to bed, our neighbor knocked on our door to let us know our bunny was loose.

We don’t own a bunny.

But, lo! There was a giant white rabbit loose in our neighborhood.


So, since I have a proven track record of catching bunnies of all sorts, my husband came and woke me up to catch the bunny.  Which was a bit unfair, because the last bunny I caught was years ago when I was a teenager and could spend hours stalking it rather than having to go to bed for work.

But we stalked it FOREVER, chasing it slowly in and out of people’s gardens. We are SO lucky no one called the police on us!

He/she didn’t seem to be able to see us well, but could hear us and smell us and would hop slowly out of reach when we got too close.

We finally cornered it in the back garden of one of our neighbors.  Thankfully, that neighbor is blind and mostly deaf so it’s unlikely he saw us skulking past his windows.  But we cornered it and caught it!

Then we went and stuck it in our potting shed because holy moly that bunny is heavy.  I’m guessing somewhere between ten and fifteen pounds. My husband ran over and talked to the neighbor that knocked, and he donated a cat carrier.

Bunny disliked cat carrier.


But he/she did deign to eat all the lettuce and poop all over.

My husband spent the next day knocking on doors, calling all of the local shelters, and calling the local veterinarians.  No luck in finding the owner, but we did set up a potential home if we couldn’t find the owner.  He also put up signs.

On the way home from work the next night, I picked up a flight cage from my mom that she used for her canaries, and then we went and picked up food for the bunny and some toys and a waterer and stuff.


This new set up was much more agreeable to the bunny but he/she would only let my husband pet them.  I think they’re still angry about being caught and manhandled into a potting shed, out of a potting shed, into a cat carrier, out of a cat carrier, and finally into the flight cage.  I got no pets.

We initially had them on the work bench, but they suck at peeing inside a cage so they ended up on the floor.


My husband will call the local rescue in a few days and re-home the bunny to the person who offered.  We haven’t had any phone calls.  And honestly?  There’s a fair chance that this is a meat bunny who escaped.

A meat bunny that will now be a spoiled-by-a-little-old-lady bunny once it is re-homed.

Why is the bunny in our basement?  Well, we have a 95 lb wolf-dog who wants NOTHING MORE than to meet this bunny.  And eat it.  He is obsessed.  Every time the air turns on, he rushes around sniffing all the vents and snuffling at the basement door.  He tries to follow us in the basement, but we push him back and shut the door.

So, basement it is!  *smile*