Thanksgiving Prep for My Husband


My husband has gut issues, and is very limited in what he can eat, so when we go somewhere to eat, we need to provide something for him that’s safe.

We’ll be going to the family Thanksgiving thrown by his side of the family, which means… I need to make food.

I’ll not be Keto that day, but we still needed something for him.

Sooo… pie!

Pumpkin pie with almond flour crust that’s safe for him:


I made three for him.  Our pumpkin is unusual in that it doesn’t include Nutmeg AND we double the spices.  So it’s a lot like a gingerbread cookie in pie form.  (Cinnamon, Ginger, and Cloves)  It’s SO GOOD!

We started doing it with heavier spices because one year, my dad’s spices were old so he doubled up to make sure they would taste strong enough… and it was WAY better than what we had been eating before!  I actually can’t stand store bought pumpkin pie now.

And cranberry sauce:


Contains: raw cranberries, sugar, water.  Nothing else.

I’m hoping this will help since he can’t eat anything else at the event except meat.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Enjoy your pie.  *smile*

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