Rare Seeds Catalog Has Arrived!

There’s a lot of unusual plants I would like to grow, or just ones that aren’t usually carried by the seed companies that sell in stores in our area.

I ran across the Baker Creek Heirloom Seed website when I was looking for my mom’s favorite, Buttercup Squash.  You can see their listing for it here. And, wow, when I first hit this site, it was an endless rabbit hole of amazing seeds!

I tried a couple last year, but I didn’t start them indoors, so I didn’t have much luck other than the Buttercup Squash and their Blacktail Mountain Watermelon which grew tiny, delicious watermelon.  I mean tiny, smaller than a tennis ball, and completely ripe!

Anyway, their seed catalog arrived on Saturday!

I spent a good two hours happily poring through it and circling anything that looked amazing, and in a week or so I’ll go back through and start weeding it out.  They run out of some varieties fast!  And other ones I need to start from seeds in about two months, so I want to be sure to have them.

And I had to look up some of the vegetables because I had never heard of them!

This is my favorite time of year, with all the promise and hope of a new planting season.  If you’re interested in looking at this one, you can order a free catalog here.  *smile* No affiliate links here, just loving on this company!

Where do you get your seeds?  What catalogs do you like?  Inquiring minds want to know!

2 thoughts on “Rare Seeds Catalog Has Arrived!

  1. This is so cool – I had no idea such a thing even existed! I’m definitely going to order the catalog for me and my mother (she has the green thumb). Thanks for sharing!

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