Squirrels Are Skittish Creatures

I SO wish I had caught photos of this.

We had a big squirrel feeding on the bird seeds on our rail, and it was bright and sunny outside, so the house was dim to him.

My husband walked up near the window to watch him.

He didn’t notice.

So my husband unlocked the door.

He looked up for a moment, paused, then seemed to decide everything was fine and went back to eating.

So my husband yanked open the door and lunged out yelling.

The squirrel levitated.

The dog levitated.

I busted out laughing.

The squirrel took of for parts unknown, and I don’t think he touched the rail again on his way into the distance.

The dog freaked for a moment before realizing that we were laughing ourselves silly.  Then he rolled his eyes at us and laid back down.

I give him a half hour before the squirrel is back.  They’re pretty brazen.  *smile*