Keto Update: March

I’ve been about 90% keto for the last two weeks.

I say 90% because I went over carb count a few times, BUT I didn’t eat grains, starches, or sugars.

The result?

I started out at 300.2 lbs.

Today I was at 295.6 lbs.

So, a loss!  I think I should make some sort of chart to show this over time.  I’ll draw one up and post it next week.  *Smile*

What did I eat this week?

Egg Roll in a Bowl

A Meat Only Chili recipe that I can’t find off the top of my head.

Mexican Crock Pot Chicken Soup

Cheese.  Some yogurt. Diet Soda. A few nuts.

Two days at work I slipped up and had chicken tenders, which is boo.

For alcohol, I had vodka and Diet Root Beer.

Needs improvement, and I’m meal prepping today but… it’s a start!  *smile*  And I resisted the hot chocolate, chips, and baked potatoes when I visited my parents this weekend.  That’s HUGE for me in case you were wondering.

Are you working on losing weight or improving your health?  Have you tried Keto?  What are your favorite Keto or Low Carb recipes?  Inquiring minds want to know!  *smile*

4 thoughts on “Keto Update: March

  1. Congrats! Back when I was strict paleo, I found a recipe online somewhere for “oopsie cakes”. They’re a carb-free alternative to sandwich bread that you make with cream cheese and eggs. Sounds weird – but they’re delicious! They were a lifesaver for me when I was craving a sandwich.

  2. ooh, those recipes look good! I’ve actually been looking for a chicken “no tortilla” soup, but the ones I’ve found were really a lot of work, this one looks good! I’ll have to see if I can get some of the lactose-free cheese next time I’m at Woodmans (they have it at Hyvee but it’s pricey).
    I’m keeping lowER carb, still not counting properly and having the occasional middle-carb treat, but almost no grains or sugars.
    Yoga! last night I did it for the second time this week. My chiropractor thinks it’ll help…I don’t know if it WILL, but at least I feel looser. (I’m kind of your opposite, everything tightens up until they cause problems, instead of the other way ’round.)

    Biggest problem is I’m a very hungry low energy person. even on keto, I’ve been hungry a lot. 🙁

    1. I’ll admit I haven’t been perfect this week – I ate some oranges, chicken tenders at work, and I had a bad day where I gave in and ate a handful of cheetos. But overall I’ve been good. It’s small steps, right?

      The chicken/salsa soup was good! And easy, which I like. *smile*

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