Lights Out!

Our power went out earlier this week, right around supper time, and was out for maybe an hour and a half.

Now, I try to be prepared for things, but the modern kitchen really has spoiled me.

I ended up taking a cast iron enameled pot and boiling brats on the grill so we could cook them.

Brats that I wasn’t able to defrost.

They went into the pot as one frozen lump.

By the time we had gotten the pot to boil, the power turned on, so we finished them inside.

But it really did show me how woefully unprepared we were.  We have a normal grill, but it’s old and rusty, and we have no charcoal.  So we were limited to the gas grill which had an unknown amount of propane left.

We’ll have to stock up on charcoal and possibly replace that grill.

The worst though was that I had just gotten ready for a shower for work the next day, and then I had to wait, crossing my fingers, for the power to turn back on.

Now, in a normal house there would be plenty of hot water for a little while after the power went off, but our heater leaks and needs to be replaced.  So I got lukewarm water instead.

I’m not sure what I could do regarding the shower!

Did you have any power issues this week?  How do you deal with cooking without power?  How about showering?  Inquiring minds want to know!