Crocuses! Spring!

There are wee little crocuses coming up in the neighbor’s lawn, and this is super exciting!

I received the sesame seeds I ordered which was also a nice surprise.  Not for cooking, you see, but for planting.

It’s the end of March, and most of my plants are scheduled to arrive in April, and I’m looking forward to that.

So spring is coming, and I’m so excited!

I’ve gotten everything but my apple mint and my lavender to sprout.  This is the second planting for the lavender, and all of the other seeds from that set sprouted with no issues, so I’m kind of disappointed.

I’m thinking of ways to move my raised beds around so I can get behind them.  This last year, I thought I had left enough space, but SPOILER. I didn’t.  Of course, this is something my husband will have to help me with.

Our rivers (we live where two rivers meet) reached flood stage, and there was flooding north of us, but it is already receding here.  Also, our village is on the beginnings of the bluffs, so it’s a good six or eight feet above the highest the river has ever gotten.  (That we know of!)  For us to flood, it would be catastrophic for the entire region, because we’re up higher than most everyone else!

Anyway, how is the weather near you?  Have you started planting?   Are you seeing the first plants break through?  Inquiring minds want to know!