Happy Mother’s Day!

I picked up petunia’s for my mother, but forgot to take a photo of them before we gave them to her.


I gave her some squash plants for her favorite type of squash.  Buttercup, I think. I’d have to check the package.


They were beginning to crawl out of my closet!

For my mother-in-law we gifted her with three types of basil since she loves basil and prefers useful things.

So, Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!  Even if you don’t have kids because I certainly celebrate, and I have nothing but a dog!  (And my husband, but he doesn’t require mothering. **smile**)

2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. Squash and Basil plants are great gifts! The squash looks so funny all gangly like that, it really is ready to crawl outta there, lol! I bet when she replants them they are going to explode with growth!

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